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Welcome to the TCU Composition Program

Our Mission
The Composition Program at TCU is shaped by the following beliefs:

  • Writing is a knowledge-making activity
  • Writing serves the interests of both writers and readers
  • Writing is typically produced in response to a rhetorical situation
  • Expectations for writing vary from situation to situation, community to community, discipline to discipline

Writing and the TCU Core

The TCU Core requires all TCU students to meet the following competencies:


ENGL 10703 Introduction to Critical Writing

ENGL 10703, when followed by a designated section of ENGL 10803, gives students the opportunity to engage in a year-long study of academic writing. Includes attention to invention, drafting, revision, and editing of various genres of academic writing. Designed for students who do not have extensive experience writing research-based academic essays. Not available to students who have credit for ENGL 10803 or ENGL 10833.

ENGL 10803 Introduction to Composition

Prerequisite to all advanced writing courses at TCU. Strategies for reading, evaluating, and responding to written texts in academically productive ways, and for revising and editing students' own work. The course also teaches students how to present their own ideas and how to incorporate the ideas of others into their own writing. Course activities include writing summaries, analyses, syntheses, and arguments.

ENGL 10833 Freshman Seminar in English

A topic-focused composition course that meets the TCU Core Writing Communication 1 requirement. Topics may vary each time it is offered.

ENGL 20803 Intermediate Composition

Prerequisite: English 10803 or ENGL 10833 and sophomore standing, 24 hours. Strategies for adjusting one's writing to a variety of tasks, genres, contexts, and audiences. The course also teaches research techniques, with an emphasis on identifying sources that are valuable to a given community and building an argument from them. Course activities include critical reading, collaborative writing and editing, and revising for style.

ENGL 20833 Sophomore Seminar in English

Prerequisite: English 10803 or 10833 and sophmore standing, 24 hours. A topic-focused sophomore-level composition course that meets the TCU Core Written Communication 2 requirement. Topics may vary each time it is offered.



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